Hundreds turn out for Stamford parade

Hundreds of people filled the streets of downtown Stamford to pay tribute to the nation?s veterans for Sunday?s Memorial Day parade.
Many turned out to honor and pray for the men and women fighting in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as those who fought in past wars.
For some who attended the parade, the holiday comes full circle. John Blissel came home from the Vietnam War during Memorial Day weekend 1970. Sunday he watched his stepdaughter march in the parade.
Many attendees said the parade served as a source of pride for them, and a chance to show their appreciation for the military.
?Knowing that at any given moment that unit could be forced to go overseas, it?s a sense of pride knowing that you?ve contributed something to the effort,? Richard Sharp, who has a daughter serving in the Marines, said.
The parade ended at Stamford's Veterans Park with a memorial service.