Huntington woman accused of DWI, hitting unmarked police car

A Huntington woman is accused of driving drunk, hitting an unmarked police car and then slamming into a home Wednesday night.
Police say Katerina Hirasekova, 42, was driving her 2019 Volkswagen SUV northbound on Maplewood Road in Huntington Station just before 10 p.m. when she first hit an unmarked police car stopped at a light.
According to police, Hirasekova then veered off the road, hit a utility pole and crashed into the gas main of a home at the corner of Maplewood Road and Lodge Avenue.
Sam Levant, a neighbor, says he and his dog were inches away from being hit by Hirasekova.
Two uniformed officers in the police car were taken to Huntington Hospital with minor injuries.
Hirasekova was charged with driving while intoxicated. She pleaded not guilty.
Her attorney said the results of her blood alcohol test were not yet available.
Hirasekova was released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to be back in court on Dec. 19.