'I cannot believe it's happening.' Mariupol woman who fled city talks exclusively with News 12 about leaving family behind

A Ukrainian woman who fled Mariupol is talking exclusively with News 12 in the wake of the vicious attack on a hospital in her city.
A Russian airstrike devastated a maternity hospital Wednesday in the besieged port city of Mariupol, leaving at least 17 people injured. News 12 spoke exclusively to Vira Protskyhk, who left behind her family and friends and has not heard from them in days.
"I just cannot believe it's happening right now in the 21st century in the middle of Europe, and that it's even possible. I just - sometimes I want to scream just a loud scream inside of me, but I keep silent, and I do my volunteer work," said Vira Protskyhk.
Protskyhk fled Mariupol on Feb. 24 and is now in Rivne.
"My school was shelled. I know a teenager died there and like everything I know that I love is bombed," she said.
She told News 12 it is imperative for her to speak out against the violence happening against her people.
"I survived still, I am alive and I have to - I need to do - I want to do everything, to share information, to help people, and if this interview helps saves half a million people from Mariupol from being lost, dead, starving, living in no heat, water, electricity, yes I will do everything for it," said Protskyhk.
Protskyhk is relying on a network of people in Mariupol to figure out her parents' whereabouts, but told News 12 her family is currently safe.