‘I’ve suffered for 10 years’ – Bridgeport mother hopes to revive son’s cold case murder

Sunday is a somber anniversary for Bridgeport resident Gloristine Thomas, after her 26-year-old son Greg was shot to death 10 years ago.
News 12's Frank Recchia spoke to 75-year-old Thomas about her son. Thomas said her son's murder case has grown cold, but she hopes that by speaking out a decade later – somebody might come forward and help police identify and arrest the killer.
She says Greg was walking with his girlfriend along Howard Avenue, when out of the blue he became the victim of a drive-by shooting. 
First responders desperately tried to save her son's life. He later died at St. Vincent's Medical Center.
"I have suffered for 10 years. I called the police station for 10 years to let them know, don't forget about my son. His life is important to me," said Thomas.