Iconic Connecticut bridge served as critical thruway during Revolutionary War

A covered bridge in Connecticut has a lot of history attached to it, including its use as a major thruway for the Continental Army to move supplies between Connecticut and New York during the Revolutionary War.
Peter Vermilyea, the author of 'The Hidden History of Litchfield County" and "Wicked Litchfield County," says the bridge was used to get supplies out to the Continental Army in Newburgh and the Hudson Highlands.
Located in Kent, Connecticut, the Bulls Bridge covered bridge has a long history.
Vermilyea estimates the bridge was built sometime around 1760 by two brothers, Jacob and Isaac Bull.
The bridge was used primarily to get iron products across the Housatonic River out to places like Poughkeepsie, New York.
Not too far away from Bulls Bridge lies another covered bridge inside of Kent Falls State Park.
"It's a place where many people have left their mark as they have visited," Vermilyea says.
Kent Falls has long been a place that's drawn people to see that the natural wonders and the beauty of it, Vermilyea says.
He says autumn is the perfect time to visit the bridges in Kent and to enjoy the scenic outdoors.