In dire need of food and goods, Bridgeport's Center for Family Justice holds emergency food and diaper drive

The Center for Family Justice in Bridgeport is in dire need of food and toiletries for its pantry after an increase in the number of domestic violence victims seeking support.
Center for Family Justice CEO Debra Greenwood says the number of clients has gone up 25% during the pandemic. She says the center is having trouble stocking its pantry.
"In my 15 years, this is the worst I've ever seen it, not having the ability to fill a big box or bag to give to a client," Greenwood says. "Blame it on a lot of things --  inflation, the cost of food, transportation."
The center is holding an emergency food and diaper drive this week.
Greenwood says drives are typically held in the winter around the holidays, not this time of year, but this is the second drive this summer.
Those looking to donate can drop off non-perishable food items and diapers for toddlers at the Center for Family Justice headquarters on Fairfield Avenue during business hours.
Items can also be dropped off in the lobbies of the Fairfield, Easton, Trumbull and Monroe police departments. 
Greenwood says she remains hopeful the center will be able to continue to meet the needs of its growing number of clients with help from the community.
The emergency drive runs through Friday.