Judge raises bond for ex-Norwalk official accused of killing tenant, citing ‘graphic’ video

A judge Wednesday more than doubled the bond of Ellen Wink, the former Norwalk elections official accused of killing her tenant. It came after the state argued for an increase after obtaining "graphic" video of the crime from the victim's cellphone. Wink's bond is now $2.5 million, up from $1 million.
In court, Assistant State's Attorney Michelle Manning said that video contradicts the claim that Wink shot Kurt Lametta in self-defense. Manning said on Jan. 20, when Wink arrived at 16 Nelson Ave., Lametta hit record on his phone.
"Around three minutes into the video, she turns to him, pulls a gun and starts shooting. The victim in the video attempts to run away from her, and it's very clear she follows," Manning told the court.
Manning also said the video shows Wink pick up Lametta's phone from next to him "as he lay dying" and throw it outside.
The police report states Wink called 911 after the shooting and told the operator she fired five times after Lametta "came at her."
"In no way, shape or form does the victim come after Ms. Wink. This video clearly belies any self-defense claims as well as indicates the very clear understanding that the defendant is an extreme danger to the community," Manning argued.
But defense attorney Stephan Seeger countered that the footage is only a snippet of what happened and essentially an audio file.
"The video is upside down," Seeger told the court. "And when Ms. Wink makes statements about people coming after her, there's nothing in the video that demonstrates that's not true. You can't see the victim's arms. You can't see what the victim is doing. You can't see any motions he makes. All you can do is hear."
Judge Gary White agreed a clip doesn't tell the whole story, but said, "I've seen the video. It is quite graphic. I'm not saying it's the be-all and end-all, but it certainly strengthens the state's case. And it indicates a very violent and brutal encounter between your client and the alleged victim."
In an interview after court, Seeger told News 12, "This is not the open and shut case that the state perceives it is by the statements they made this morning. There's a lot more to this story."
The state previously filed a motion to have the video sealed. That motion was not ruled on Wednesday, partly because it may be moot. Seeger expects to ask for a probable cause hearing in the case, which would make the video public. He said he has no objections to anyone seeing it.
Wink and Lametta had a contentious landlord-tenant relationship after Lametta allegedly stopped paying rent. The police report says Wink was arrested in September 2020 after she locked Lametta out of the house and threw out his belongings. The case, which is still ongoing, was sealed.
Wink was Norwalk's deputy Republican registrar of voters. She was fired following her arrest.