Judge rules to keep Hotaling on Independent Party line in governor's race

A judge ruled against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski Thursday to keep Rob Hotaling on the Independent Party line this November.
Stefanowski's campaign had said the Independent Party vote to nominate Hotaling was illegitimate. Stefanowski had been seeking a cross-endorsement from the party.
"Only in Connecticut, you know, does the judge break your own rules and they allow it. Having said that...the decision is the decision. We're moving on," said Stefanowski.
Stefanowski says he will not appeal the ruling, which means Hotaling will appear on the ballot as the Independent Party candidate.
In a statement Hotaling said, "I am pleased that the judge has ruled in our favor. The decision is good not only for our campaign but also for our Democratic process. I have said before that when the voters have more choices, it is good for democracy. Bob may feel differently, but I would ask him: in what area of commerce or industry are fewer choices better? Chip and I look forward to running our campaign on substantive ideas and new approaches to address the challenges our state is facing, like our worst in the nation achievement gap and our sluggish economy."