These 5th graders worked together to raise money for their beloved teacher's sick dog

When they heard about a painful diagnosis for Winston the dog, they stepped up to help out.

News 12 Staff

Jun 24, 2021, 9:31 PM

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A group of fifth grade students at Kings Highway Elementary School in Westport wrapped up the school year with a special surprise for their beloved teacher.
Keira Reilly, Abbot Lynch and Dani Hill recently sold lemonade in their neighborhood to help their teacher Cristy Gonzales.
"One day the word got around that her dog was sick," says Hill.
Gonzales' French bulldog was diagnosed with IVDD.
"IVDD is a disease where they have bulging discs either in their neck or their back, and it can potentially cause them to be paralyzed," says Gonzales.
Treatment and pain management are expensive and led a co-worker to start a fundraising effort.
"I think there's a saying 'what goes out comes back to you,' so we just wanted to help her dog and show a little kindness to her," says Reilly.
The trio decided to surprise their teacher by setting up a lemonade stand on their street corner.
"I became the sign-holder, and I became the advertiser basically," says Lynch.
"We raised $529.50 for Ms. Gonzales' dog named Winston," says Hill.
Once Gonzales learned about her students' good deed, it was hard not to get emotional.
"I already knew these three are so amazing. We had the best class this year... I'm going to start crying again... but it warmed my heart," says Gonzales.
"For someone to get all teary about something you did, it's a really good feeling," says Lynch.
Donations can still be made to help Winston through the GoFundMe.

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