Lamont pushes plan for faster trains — including tolls

Metro-North riders got an unexpected visit from Gov. Ned Lamont this morning when he took the train to Bridgeport to push his plan for faster trips.
The train trip from Bridgeport to Manhattan can take up to an hour-and-a-half.  Lamont was in Bridgeport today to say he thinks that trip can be faster. He wants a 30-minute trip from Stamford to New York City.
"It's going to get faster," said Lamont. "You're going to see progress over the next four years."
But Lamont's new transportation chief says 30 minutes may take 10 years to accomplish, and that's only if Connecticut brings back highway tolls. In the meantime, short-term fixes could shave time within two years - fixes like new track ties and overhead cables, and straightening sharp curves.
The governor's office told News 12 today that it doesn't anticipate another fare hike.  
Republicans say Connecticut can upgrade train service without tolls, by borrowing money over the next 30 years.