Shipment containing thousands of rapid at-home test kits arrives in New Britain

After announcing there would no deliveries of at-home COVID-19 test kits, Gov. Ned Lamont says a shipment containing 426,000 kits was delivered overnight at the COVID-19 commodities warehouse in New Britain.  
Lamont says they plan to start supplying municipalities with kits. 
News 12 asked Gov. Lamont which municipalities would receive these tests. There was no clear answer, but he said they're still working on a schedule. 
On Thursday evening, Lamont had announced deliveries of the 3 million rapid test kits promised would not be made due to surge pricing and competition. Lamont’s office stated they had a contract with a major supplier on the West Coast – which later misrepresented the status of the order to the state.  
The Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Manisha Juthani said the office had been deceived when they were given pictures showing the tests were on a plane heading to Connecticut.
Lamont shed some light on the competition to get the tests.
“They’re getting the from another 40 governors,” explains Lamont. “When demand outstrips supply, when there’s this incredible urgency from the population to get these, it gives the brokers a certain amount of leverage.”