LI student designs Lidl grocery bags to raise money for cancer patients

A Long Island student helped to design reusable shopping bags to raise funds for a foundation that helps children with cancer.
John Theissen Children's Foundation, based in Wantagh, collects toys for sick and underprivileged children in hospitals.
Lauren Rochel says John Theissen and his organization helped her sister when she was sick with leukemia. Ever since, she has been a volunteer for the group.
When the foundation teamed up with Lidl to create reusable shopping bags as a fundraiser, Theissen picked Rochel to make the design.
“It took a while to pick a design. I wound up looking at some old paintings I did, which is when I came across the fish,” Rochel says. “What better to represent Long Island than Long Island itself?”
Rochel says she’s glad to have helped the cause and to have the chance to see her design being used.
“Growing up knowing people who have cancer, I just want to give back to the people who helped us out…Make it positive and put a better light on the situation than there is,” Rochel says