Local doctor provides talking points on how to address Texas tragedy with children

A local doctor is providing advice to parents about how to talk to your kids about the traumatic Texas school shooting.
Dr. Andre Newfield is the chair of psychiatry at St. Vincent's Medical Center. Newfield says it's important to have an open conversation about the shooting, especially with older kids who have access to cellphones and social media.
To help kids cope, he says to stress the following.
"We are doing all we can in our community to take precautions that you are safe and that your school is safe and that your peers are safe, and that you can go into your environment and comfortably learn and grow and be without the worry that there's a looming threat," Newfield advises you to say to your child.
Newfield also says open lines of communication need to be established before a crisis so that when one happens, talking isn't suddenly a new challenge in addition to what's going on.