Local powerhouse on the national marching band scene begins band camp

The Norwalk High School marching band is trying to regroup after COVID-19.
With three straight state and national championships, the band doesn't need to toot its own horn.
"There's no secret.  When people ask me what's the secret of the Norwalk High Band it’s just we work hard”, says Chris Rivera. “We work smart, and we work hard and we set high goals and objectives for ourselves."
Norwalk band camp just started this week. It is the first time these kids have gotten into formation since the pandemic.
For the next couple of weeks, the practices will be intense. These kids know that all the hard work leads to a trip to MetLife Stadium, where in 2019 the band performed The Ripple Effect, which signifies how one action can create multiple reactions.
The Norwalk Marching Band will perform again Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. at Andrews Field in Norwalk.