Local stores shift business model as Amazon Prime Day, online shopping takes over

While shoppers are eager to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day discounts, local retailers say the online shopping boom has forced them to rethink their business models.
The siblings who run Planet TV and Appliances say online competition has changed their business.
They now focus on big ticket items and things that are not easy to ship and return, especially appliances and electronics that require service, installation and a personal touch.
“Small handheld devices, smaller TVs, we have largely lost that business --big items. You don't want to deal with it if there is a problem or damaged, they will still come to a store like us,” said Christopher Prisco.
Planet TV and Appliances opened 22 years ago and is a family-owned business.
Supply chain slowdowns have reduced online shopping's instant gratification.
"It's not necessary next day anymore, things have been slowed down -- it's helped us," said Prisco.