Looking for a fun family day? Check out the otter pups and golden lion at the Beardsley Zoo

The Beardsley Zoo has a proud history that is more than 100 years old and is committed to the preservation of endangered animals.
The zoo recently welcomed some baby otters to its long list of amazing animals. Animal care specialist Chris Barker says the babies tend to eat meals and nap a lot right now.
A golden lion also gave birth this year. It's the first baby golden lion in more than 12 years.
Director Gregg Dancho says the zoo works with kids in hopes of getting them interested in science and other stem courses.
"And again, what's really important is we want the youth of today to learn that these animals are our on our planet - we have to preserve them," says Dancho.
The zoo has also worked with the Species Survival Plan Program and features some of the most endangered species of animals. There are 300 specimens and about 75 different species.
Come to the zoo, enjoy a day with the family and learn about the animals while maybe grabbing some ice cream and taking a ride on the carousel.