Looking for holidays toys that won't break the bank? Check out these toys under $20

Gifts for your kids this holiday season don't have to break the bank, especially when you're looking for some stocking stuffers. News 12 shows some of the hottest toys under $20.
"This year we have a '12 under $20' list - 12 amazing toys and all of them under $20. We have things like sand and slime, some squishy plush toys, some fidget toys that are really popular," says Jackie Cucco, senior editor for The Toy Insider. 
The Dimpl Pop plastic toy runs $14.95. Getting into the slime and sand toys, the Compound King's Stack Donut are super stretchy slime packs that come with different charms and scents. Those go for $9.99.
Jackie points out the My Squishy Little Dumplings toys that go for $14.99.
"These are kind of cool they are called my squishy little dumplings and it is just like a dumpling that you can squeeze the cheeks and the legs will pop out," she says.
These are just a few of the top 12 toys under $20. To see the full list, check back tomorrow to watch the News 12 special, Hot Holiday Toys at 9 p.m.