Major improvements, new airline planned for Tweed New Haven Airport

The Tweed New Haven Airport is getting a makeover with new construction and a new airline.
Officials announced Thursday that Avelo Airlines, a startup whose plane just took flight eight days ago, will be moving into the airport as its East Coast hub.
Avelo will offer three flights starting this summer and more after a new runway and terminal are built on the East Haven side.
The new terminal and runway will be funded by Avports, the management company that has run operations at Tweed for years. It has agreed to spend more than $70 million of its own money over the next two years.
The improvements mean more jobs in the New Haven area -  around 1,000 temporary and over 100 permanent.
Some neighbors protested the new changes outside the airport, saying there hasn't been any community input.
Officials say there will be public hearings soon before the process begins.
Once construction is complete, Avelo estimates it will be able to have eight flights a day. It had not released where their flights will be traveling to just yet.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says private investment is also anticipated in that city based on easy access and preferable location of the Sikorsky Airport in Stratford.
Ganim says the current plan would include a new, 150-passenger plane that could utilize the existing runway.