Manhattan forum focuses on police accountability

(05/12/08) MANHATTAN ? Elected officials, community leaders and college professors attended a forum in Manhattan Monday about police conduct in the aftermath of the Sean Bell shooting.
The forum was organized by U.S. Rep John Conyers (D-Mich.). During discussions, attendees of the forum felt the NYPD could take certain steps to clean up conduct within its department. The first calls for the NYPD to admit it has a conduct problem so that it can be addressed.
The second step calls for stronger recruitment and training methods for officers. Finally, attendees feel there should be stronger data gathering in order to hold the police department accountable for its actions.
The forum was held following the Sean Bell shooting and the acquittal of the police officers involved. Sean Bell's family and fiance were at the forum, along with two men who were with him the night of the shooting. The Rev. Al Sharpton also spoke.
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