'Merican Mule twists Moscow Mules to show support for Ukraine

As some Americans avoid Russian products to show support for Ukraine, a Norwalk beverage company is serving its Moscow Mules with a twist.
Dean Mahoney founded 'Merican Mule in 2015, as Moscow Mules were taking off in popularity. They have since expanded to a variety of canned, ginger-based cocktails.
"We source most of our ingredients, everything except the tequila, from the United States. And the vodka does come from the heartland, out in Indiana," said Mahoney.
As Moscow Mules vanish from American bar menus due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mahoney is changing the name of his signature cocktail to Freedom Mule.
"We saw what was happening, and really knew we had to take a step to give back," he said.
Product cans will still say Moscow Mule on store shelves. Mahoney is encouraging customers to edit them themselves and post the results to social media.
"Take our Moscow Mule can, take a Sharpie, 'cause everyone has a Sharpie at home, cross off the word Moscow and write Freedom right above there," said Mahoney.
Until Memorial Day, 'Merican Mule is donating $1 from every case sold to help refugees fleeing Ukraine for Poland with Operation USA.
Mahoney is hoping the interactive social media campaign brings in more donations and more resources for those suffering on the ground.
"We encourage them to share it on social media and we're hoping that it spreads and we can make a nice giveback, whether it's small or large," said Mahoney.