Mild Friday and Saturday; potential storm next week

NOW & NEW: Storm Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says temperatures will be mild again Friday and for Saturday during the day. Temperatures will fall at night. Colder air will remain going into next week. The potential coastal storm will stay away. Any showers Friday and Saturday overnight will be due to the cold front that passes through.
NEXT: The coastal storm this weekend won't be a major weather but will lead to cold temperatures on Sunday. There will be dry weather early next week with another potential storm for Tuesday and Wednesday that will bring mostly rain. There is a chance wintry weather could mix in for higher elevations. The storm has the potential to disrupt travel in the Northeast.
Leonid Meteor shower still to peak this weekend. Weather could be more favorable Saturday night for it, peak is the 17-18th but this shower continues through early December.
The crescent moon will hang low near the horizon Friday night after sunset, but with the clouds moving in this may be hard to see.
FRIDAY: Morning sun, breezy. Evening clouds, then spot showers late and overnight. High of 63.
SATURDAY: Morning clouds, spot shower but not much. Drier but cooler afternoon. High of 56.
SUNDAY: Sunny. Cooler. High of 52
MONDAY: Chilly sun. High of 46.