Milford man’s arrest is latest in string of disturbances

A man was arrested Saturday after barricading himself inside his home in the latest of a string of disturbances on one Milford block.
John Katrick was taken into custody after neighbors complained of noise coming from his home early Saturday morning. The situation turned into a 12-hour standoff with police.
“He's got a speaker on the front porch that he was literally just blasting into the road,” Katrick’s neighbor, Karen Schumman, told News 12.
Schumman said police came by after 8 a.m. when neighbors called again to say Katrick had set a tire fire in his front yard.
"They started blocking off the road, which was a little different than previous times,” she added. “Because they are here very frequently.”
Police tried to calm down Katrick, who refused to de-escalate the situation.
"He's threatened the officers, saying that they would end up like the fire,” said Officer Marilisa Anania. “He said if we contacted the fire department, they would also end up that way."
Katrick finally surrendered to police around 11 p.m., but Schumann says it's not the first time Katrick has used threats of violence and that these occurrences have been going on for 12 years.
"It’s kind of scary to live around, especially when I'm home alone and I'm the only one here, like he could do anything at any moment,” neighbor Elizabeth Schumman said. "There's a neighbor that's already moved because of him, and a lot of people want to move because they have little kids."
Officers say the next steps will depend on the results of an emergency psych evaluation Katrick will undergo.