Milford native's book tells World War II love story through lost letters

The author discovered a bunch of World War II love letters that tell an amazing story.

Mark Sudol

Aug 3, 2022, 2:21 AM

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Romance and history come together in a new book out by a Milford native.
The author discovered a bunch of World War II love letters that tell an amazing story.
"I feel it was my destiny to find these letters," said Milford native Lisa Franco.
Franco says she found 150 World War II love letters at an antique store on Cape Cod 11 years ago.
"It was just full of longing and hope and love and I just got very emotional," said Franco.
Franco spent years going through the letters she found. They chronicle the love affair between Donald Storey and his sweetheart Margery.
"Many of the letters started with 'My Dearest Darling,'" said Franco.
So Franco thought it was only appropriate to call the book "My Dearest Darling."
The couple wrote letters back and forth to each other for the five years they were separated. He was on a ship in the Pacific.
"It's a real love story. It's a true love story. They kept this love going through so much sacrifice that they had to make and not knowing if he was going to come home," said Franco.
Franco says one of the most touching letters was written by Donald on Christmas Eve 1946.
"All my love, my thoughts, my dreams and my hopes are with you tonight dearest," wrote Donald Storey.
"He was fighting for the country, but he was also fighting to get back to her," said Franco.
In one of the letters, she tells Donald she's pregnant with their first child. That child is in her 70s today.
"It's really been a labor of love for me to do this and to be able to give this gift back to their family," said Franco.
The couple got married and lived in Fairfield after the war. They later retired on Cape Cod where the letters were found.
It's a love story that might have been lost if not for Franco. The book is available online.

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