Milford summer pick-up service trashed

In an effort to save money, the city of Milford announced it will cancel July?s scheduled bulk trash pick-up.
The city?s Board of Alderman recently voted to cut $80,000 out of the Department of Sanitation?s budget this year due to rising energy and fuel costs. The city was left with finding ways to cut back on spending.
?We have no choice. The alderman cut the money and so we got to cut the service,? says Mayor Jim Richetelli.
The cancellation affects home owners in July and condominium residents in August. The next scheduled pick-up will be in September.
Residents say they?re disappointed about the lack of a summer pick-up.
?I would even pay to have them come to the house to pick it up ? the bulk that I can?t physically handle any longer, because I am not a young woman any longer,? says Georgia Dickinson, of Milford.