Military brother surprises younger sister at school assembly

A New Jersey sixth-grader received quite the surprise when her older brother returned early from military deployment.
U.S. Army Spc. Matthew Angrosina, 23, has been deployed all across Europe for over a year. When he found out that he would be coming home a month early, he worked with his parents to surprise his 12-year-old sister Maggie Angrosina.
“I haven't seen her in so long so I thought it would be a good idea for me to do it because I love the little girl to death and I'm just excited to see her,” Matthew said.
The Angrosina family got the faculty at Veterans Memorial Middle School involved to put on a fake assembly in order to surprise Maggie. Maggie was called up on stage and then her brother emerged from behind the curtain. There were lots of hugs and tears.
“I didn’t even know what was happening at first,” Maggie said. 
It’s been the longest Matthew has ever been away from home and his sister. Maggie says that it is weird without him around.
“I try to talk to her as much as I can. Probably twice a week if I could,” said Matthew.
The siblings’ father says that he is happy that everyone is now home. 
“He picks on her, but deep down he’s a softy,” says David Angrosina. “It’s his sister…he loves her to the moon and back.”
Matthew will be home for about a month to spend time with friends and family. He will then be stationed at Fort Hood in Texas.