Minimum wage, tax cut, retirement income: More than a dozen new laws go into effect Jan. 1 in Connecticut

More than a dozen new laws are going into effect on Jan. 1 in Connecticut.
Many of the new laws involved money. News 12's Tom Krosnowski breaks them down below:
  • Connecticut's minimum wage is rising by 69 cents to $15.69. That remains one of the top five highest in the nation.
  • The biggest tax cut in state history also kicks in on Jan. 1. Those who earn under $50,000 will not pay state income tax. Most retirement income will now be exempt from taxes.
  • 2024 is a busy election year - and now you'll be able to vote early. Voters can head to the polls up to two weeks early in general elections, one week for primaries and four days in special elections. The bill also expands same-day registration.
  • Bottle deposit will also increase from 5 cents to 10. It's part of an effort to increase the state's bottle return rate - the second-lowest of 10 states with a deposit program.
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