Pastors join state's effort to get more minority communities vaccinated in Bridgeport

Several pastors joined Gov. Ned Lamont at an event to get vaccinated Friday at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport.
Nine pastors from the greater Bridgeport area got vaccinated, including Pastor Carl McCluster of Shiloh Baptist Church.
It's all part of the state's push to vaccinate more people in minority communities.
McCluster said "fighting fear with faith and facts" as he rolled up his sleeve to get his shot.
Lamont had received his first shot at First Cathedral Church in Bloomfield, which is in a predominantly Black community, to stress the importance of making sure minority communities get vaccinated. Lamont said in order to do that, the state would be partnering with churches so that pastors and ministers can lead by example.
"A lot of people are getting left behind, says Lamont. "Too many people of color, too many people Black and brown. Folks who are most likely to suffer the worst complications from COVID. We have to do everything we can to bring the vaccine to them, do everything we can to convince them how important it is."
The pastors talked about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine to help ease the minds of community members.
Currently, only 8% of the Black and brown population have been vaccinated. McCluster urged people to get the vaccine saying how people of color are "more likely to die by COVID than the vaccine."
"We have a long way to go," said Lamont. "Better than two weeks ago, but not good enough."
In addition to partnering with churches, the city of Bridgeport has opened several mass vaccination sites to expand access to the vaccine.