Missing dog Lexi who captured attention across CT is reunited with owner

A missing dog story that generated statewide attention had a happy conclusion Sunday morning.
It's been 41 days since 11-year-old Lexi went missing, but now she's back with her owner in Fairfield.
An ecstatic Brandi Solomon reunited with the lab mix early Sunday in Stamford after an exhaustive search. Lexi was captured on security cameras from Wilton to Stamford.
The dog's story became statewide news, generating newspaper articles and TV reports, when hundreds of people actively joined in the search.
"I think I'm still in a little bit of shock, honestly," Solomon said. "I think it's hard to believe she's sitting here next to me right now after six weeks of day and night searching for her."
The break came Saturday after Lexi was spotted by a good Samaritan in North Stamford. Solomon went to the house and deployed one of several HAVE-A-HEART animal traps she was using strategically during the search.
"She recognized me, and her tail started wagging and she started happy crying," said Solomon, "and we loaded the trap into the car. She ran right inside, cried for my whole family."
Lexi appeared to be in good shape minus a few minor wounds and some weight loss.
Last month, Sen. Richard Blumenthal declared it wasn't just another missing dog case. He said during a dark time in our history, with thousands of people dying during a pandemic, the search for Lexi became a positive focal point -- showing how much good can be accomplished when people work together.
"You know, the entire state of Connecticut seems to have come out looking for my dog, and I'm really thankful and grateful to everyone," Solomon said.