Mortgage banker uses stand-up comedy to raise awareness of suicide

November is Men's Mental Health Awareness Month, and Michael Weitzman, a longtime mortgage banker who's now a mental health advocate, is sharing his painful personal story to build awareness about suicide prevention.
Weitzman says getting people to overcome enduring stigmas about mental health and suicide are the first steps toward prevention and recovery.
While Weitzman was a successful mortgage banker, he says he still tried to take his life.
"Unfortunately, on Jan. 2, 2008, that was the day I will never forget, that I tried to take my life," said Weitzman.
He says it all started in his childhood when he first began suffering from depression. As an adult in the professional world, he learned to hide it well but says eventually, it all began to unravel when he couldn't take the feeling anymore.
"You're open, 24/7, like a diner. It doesn't go away," said Weitzman.
After famed actor Robin Williams took his own life in 2014, Weitzman became a mental health advocate and motivational speaker, often appearing in the media to promote suicide awareness.
Weitzman began doing stand-up comedy, using his sense of humor to help fight the stigma of depression. Sen. Richard Blumenthal has even applauded the stand-up comic and motivational speaker.
"The pandemic has only increased and intensified the need for stronger federal investment in mental health care and suicide prevention because we can literally save lives," said Blumenthal.
Weitzman says he will be talking to people of all ages about suicide prevention throughout November.