Mother of Sandy Hook shooting victim honors son’s memory with triathlon program

The mother of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim started a foundation in memory of her son.
Rebecca Kowalski began the Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski (CMAK) Race 4 Chase foundation in honor of her son Chase Kowalski, she wants to bring awareness to the foundation ahead of the Sandy Hook shooting remembrance. 
"Every year, Dec. 14 comes around and it's a very sad day," said Rebecca Kowalski.
Her home in Sandy Hook is filled with tributes to her 7-year-old son and the foundation.
"He came to me in a vision and said, 'Mom, we're going to change the world,' so that's what we've been doing for the last 10 years," said Rebecca Kowalski.
Chase Kowalski was a triathlete who became a champion of his age group.
The CMAC foundation gives grants to YMCAs teaching kids 6 to 12 years old how to swim, bike and run.
"That was the positive impact that we needed to share his story and give that self-esteem boost to other children," said Rebecca Kowalski.
On the upcoming 11th anniversary of Sandy Hook, Rebecca Kowalski says she wants to change the narrative of sadness and loss to shining her son’s light and sharing his legacy.
"There's not a time that goes by that somebody doesn't come to me, and tell me their story of how Chase impacted them," said Rebecca Kowalski.
Chase Kowalski’s memory is honored all throughout his Sandy Hook home.
"We've changed the physical presence of Chase not being here, but his spirit is alive,” Rebecca Kowalski said. “His light is super bright, and he's with us all the time."