Mother: School bus dropped off 5-year-old at wrong stop on 1st day, crashed on 2nd day

A Stamford mother is demanding answers after her 5-year-old daughter’s school bus was involved in two incidents in the first two days of school.
Asia James says her 5-year-old daughter Ava started Northeast Elementary School on Monday. On her way home from the first day of school, her school bus dropped her off at the wrong stop, four blocks away.
James says the kindergartener was alone and scared. She walked in the wrong direction and ended up in front of a bodega six blocks away. A family friend who happened to be passing by spotted the child crying and took her home.
James says initially she was terrified when Ava failed to show up.
"I'm thinking she could be kidnapped, she could be hit by a car, she could be traded in for sex trafficking, and there's all these possibilities just running through my head as I'm trying to figure out where my child is and I'm trying to stay calm and it's just so hard,” she says.
On the second day of school Tuesday, James says she was in “absolute disbelief” when she was told the bus Ava was on was involved in a minor collision at West Main Street and Fairfield Avenue.
There were no injuries in the crash.
The bus company First Student said, “We understand the stress this situation placed on the student and their family and are thankful that the student was found safe. In addition, all drivers will receive reminder training regarding drop-off procedures."
James says she's seriously thinking about not sending her girl back to school after the incidents.