'My heart breaks for them.' Holy Hour for Peace held at St. Matthew Church

The Norwalk Community came together at a local church Wednesday in a show of support and solidarity for the people of Ukraine.
St. Matthew Church held a Holy Hour for Peace and Prayer for Ukrainians.
St Matthew Church is one of four locations in the U.S. participating in the Holy Hour, which will be sent to the People of Ukraine.
The pastor of the church says it's hard for anyone to make sense of the war.
"To be honest I'm having trouble as well. I always thought we were above all this. I always thought we were at a part of life where we're over war," said Rev. Jeff Couture. "My heart breaks for them. In a modern world where we have so many tools for peace, I'm disheartened it would be to this level. We shouldn't allow this to happen."
Some congregants have been asking to do a prayer because they have family in Ukraine.
The church collected funds, which they say will directly help refugees on the ground in Europe.