New Canaan police step up patrols after 3 homes burglarized within last 10 days

New Canaan police say they're stepping up patrols after three homes were burglarized in the last 10 days.
They say the string of burglaries is unusual in the area and it's not something to take lightly. Police are now urging residents to take actions to protect themselves.
Police say the first incident happened on Butler Lane on Oct. 1, where jewelry was stolen from an unoccupied home.
Seven days later, jewelry and hand bags were stolen from another unoccupied home on Hoyt Farm Road just after 7:30pm. An hour later, a passport, cash and jewelry were stolen from another unoccupied home on Juniper Road.
Police say none of the residences had surveillance cameras, but one of the homes had an alarm system - which is when officers responded.
Police say you can protect yourself by being alert and aware of unknown visitors on your street or anyone that knocks on your door, being cautious about what you post on social media and locking doors, installing video cameras and lighting up the exterior of your home.