New Haven showcases unique pop-up plan to help homeless

On the New Haven green, it looked like a typical Tuesday for many. A man who goes by the name Will says it's a day he looks forward to every week. "The buses are here, and right when you get off, you can take a shower on Tuesday," he said.
Will is referring to the "One Stop Pop-Up," including a mobile shower and health care van.
City leaders in New Haven are showcasing this unique plan they say is proving to be a success.
New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker says this was all made possible by the Homeless Navigation Hub Continuum. The hub was created last summer, but launched just months ago in April.
"Having a whole variety of different resources, whether it's mental health support, medical support, the basic needs support all-in-one spot allows people to come to that one spot and we move the spot around the city," said Elicker. On Fridays and Saturdays, it's at a different location in the city.
Elicker went on to say, "If we help them bounce back, then the more likely they are to succeed."
"If you need underwear or anything, they're so willing to help, and it's good to see that there's people that care about other people and come out," said Will.
The list of services is getting longer. A group of barbers is now volunteering their time by bringing their grooming supplies, scissors and skills.
Erick Santiago was one of the first to step in and volunteer last month. He said, "When you do something out of heart for love you don't want nothing back."
"I would be shocked if other communities saw this and didn't want to adopt it because it's been really successful. We've had over 500 visit so far." said Elicker.