New Haven woman says her mom's headstone she paid for has not been placed at grave

A New Haven woman is calling for action after she says her mom's gravestone went missing.
The past 10 months have been a rocky road for grieving daughter Gloria Grinnan.
She says her mom, 80-year-old Mammie Grinnan, of New Haven, died of COVID back in November.
Though her mom is buried at the New Haven cemetery, the only marker is a plastic one. Conspicuously absent, Gloria says, is the $3,000 gravestone she paid for.
"All I want is this my mom's tombstone, so when I come visit her, it's here like it's supposed to be," said Gloria Grinnan. "I'm still grieving and this hurts to know that your loved one's tombstone is out there missing."
Gloria Grinnan says when she asked the New Haven-based monument company she paid to make her mom's gravestone what is taking so long.
They initially told her the monument had been mistakenly delivered to a cemetery in Bridgeport, although the owner of the company later admitted to News 12 Connecticut that the worker had "made that story up."
The owner said, "This is 100% my fault. I had a heart attack after making the monument, and while I was recovering, one of my workers damaged the monument while trying to deliver it. I am very sorry and will have a replacement monument installed by this weekend."
Gloria Grinnan says she hopes the owner keeps his word, but she'll "believe it when I see it."