New poll shows 59% of New Yorkers call for Gov. Cuomo to resign

A Marist poll conducted Tuesday night found that 59% of New Yorkers, including 52% of registered Democrats, say Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign from office after the attorney general's sexual harassment probe.
Thirty-two percent say Cuomo should serve out the rest of his term.
However, the poll shows Cuomo’s support does not seem to be eroding as quickly in communities of color. While 67% of white people say he should resign, 49% of non-white people say he should not.
Only 23% of white people say he should he serve out his term. Meanwhile, 43% percent of non-white communities also say he should.
Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director of the NAACP, says Cuomo has always been popular in the Black community because they trust him, through good times or bad.
“He has been a steady rock, proposing legislation and signing legislation that has benefited the Black community,” Aldridge says.
The Marist poll also found that, if Cuomo does not resign, 59% of New Yorkers say the New York State Legislature should impeach him.
While Gov. Cuomo denies the allegations, 44% of New Yorkers believe the governor did something illegal, and 29% think he did something unethical but not illegal. Only 7% of those in the poll believe he did nothing wrong. Six percent say they haven't heard enough about the allegations, and 13% are unsure.