New Yorkers push for construction of affordable housing near NYCHA's Harborview Terrace

Residents and local leaders are pushing for the construction of affordable housing adjacent to Harborview Terrace - a New York City Housing Authority public housing residence.
As of right now, the NYCHA-owned site on West 55th is empty: one side is a basketball court while the other a parking lot.
The project was green lit back in 2005 as an agreement from the city due to the Hudson Yards installation and rezoning, but in 2019 was shelved.
According to tenant president Maria Guzman, who's lived at Harborview for over 40 years, she said that the reason residents believe it was pulled was because the city came with a deal that didn't honor their original agreement of 100% affordable housing. 
“Under Mayor de Blasio, he tried to change it- he wanted for us to agree to a 70-30 housing development – 70% affordable, 30% luxury,” said Guzman, adding, “We of course said no.” 
Now as the fight makes its way through its third mayoral cycle, Guzman said it’s time to make it finally happen. 
She has the support of elected officials and community leaders, but even they say contact with NYCHA remains minimal. 
“There hasn’t been an update - I wrote a letter in January, and I’ve not received a response. It’s the waiting game, [and] it’s not fair,” said Assembly Member Linda Rosethenal of District 67. “The silence of the city is deafening.” 
Guzman echoed similar sentiments, saying, “I call NYCHA - they tell me they’re working on it. It’s there, but it’s not moving right now. It seems like it’s gotten a little bit of interest the past couple of months.”
She added that even if it takes years, she will still advocate for 100% affordable housing.
“I’ll come in my wheelchair or my walker, but we’re still gonna fight!”
Despite their rallies and outreach, Guzman did say they have not reached out to Mayor Eric Adams yet, but say they plan to.
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for comment on this story and received the following response:
"NYCHA has a $40 billion capital need and remains committed to creating public housing solutions across our portfolio. We are in continued discussions with all of our partners and will continue to engage with residents to determine the best path forward at our developments."