Newtown DPW crews prepare to plow 300 miles of roadway

<p>Crews at the Department of Public Works garage in Newtown are preparing for snow Thursday.</p>

News 12 Staff

Nov 14, 2018, 8:08 PM

Updated 2,041 days ago


Road crews across southwestern Connecticut are preparing for snow Thursday.
Crews at the Department of Public Works have almost 300 miles of roads to plow. They are getting ready for the first storm of the season with 3,000 tons of salt and sand ready to go.
The workers are busy converting the trucks from summer use to winter. They are cleaning out the truck beds and getting conveyor belts ready for salt.
Fred Hurley, the executive director of the Department of Public Works, says he's concerned about the storm being early.
"One of the problems with these El Nino winters is they have a tendency to be long, not necessarily very severe," says Hurley. "But you have a lot of repetitive storms one after the other."
Hurley is also meeting with FEMA this week to obtain a grant to help cover costs incurred after the tornado in May.

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