NJ residents are moving out in high numbers again in 2022. Where would they move if they could go anywhere?

There were a lot of outbound movers in the Garden State last year, but given the chance to start over and leave New Jersey, where would you go? A new report sheds light on two very different options that people would take.
Family Destinations Guide, a “kid-friendly vacation ideas site,” surveyed over 3,000 families, proposing that they hypothetically have a clean break and move somewhere else.
The No. 1 option is not so surprising — Florida, with its warmth and lack of state income tax. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island were among the states to make the same choice (New York picked Hawaii).
Participants were then asked where they would move to outside of the country. The top option from Jersey was Italy. That’s opposed to some other Americans who said the United Kingdom, Canada or even Puerto Rico.
The survey revealed that 14% of participants seriously considered making a move in the past year, with better job opportunities and a healthier lifestyle among the popular reasons for making a jump.
Meanwhile, this year’s United Van Lines National Movers study reveals that once again, New Jersey was the state with the most people moving out of it. The Garden State garnered that title for the fifth year in a row, with 67% of its moves being outbound.
New York landed on the list as the No. 3. most moved from state, while Pennsylvania was No. 6. 
As for the most moved to states, Vermont was No. 1, with Rhode Island at No. 3 and Delaware at No. 5.