Nonprofit waiving income requirements for federal employees during shutdown

Nonprofits in Connecticut are gearing up for heavy demands over the next few months, as the shutdown in Washington puts pressure on families in need.
Person-to-Person in Darien is waiving income requirements for anyone who can show they are a federal employee. The goal of the organization is to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in dire financial situations.
Families of federal employees will now be able to get fruits and vegetables, canned goods, breakfast cereal and other necessities.
Organizers there say government workers aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. They say SNAPS benefits for February were handed out this month, and should the shutdown continue into March, those who on food stamps might not be receiving any benefits at all.
That could mean a very busy next few months at food pantries.
Rep. Jim Himes he paid a visit to Person-to-Person Tuesday afternoon because he said he wanted to get an idea of the effects the shutdown is having on nonprofits before heading back to Washington to try and work toward a solution.
All federal employees need to show their federal ID card to be eligible for the benefits.
Himes says as long as the standoff in Washington continues, it's especially important for communities to come together to help those affected.
"In places like Stamford, in Bridgeport and Norwalk, and even in our more affluent towns, there are people who are at real risk of going hungry. So volunteers need to step up as never before, provide food to the food backs, and really do all we can to hopefully address what will, I hope, be a very temporary problem," he says.
Person-to-Person accepts food donations at the pantry or at food drives run by local churches and schools.