Nonprofit Wheel It Forward opens 2nd location in Bridgeport

The Wheel It Forward nonprofit lends medical equipment for people in need.

Angelica Toruno and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Apr 3, 2024, 8:55 PM

Updated 17 days ago


A Stamford-based nonprofit held a grand opening on Wednesday for its second location in Bridgeport.
The Wheel It Forward organization is helping people with medical injuries improve their quality of life while being environmentally friendly.
The nonprofit defines itself as a “library” of medical equipment by filling a gap in underserved communities.
"Very often people only need this type of equipment, whether it's wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, shower seats or cold therapy machines for only a few months," said Elliot Sloyer, CEO of Wheel It Forward.
People can check out any of the equipment for six months and then return it or renew.
"We're trying to keep people mobile and safe in their homes, especially those who can't easily afford these things," said Sloyer.
"When they're in a crisis and need this equipment, it's going to help. It's free to use. You come in, pick up what you need and bring it back," said Sasha Nieves, a community health worker.
It's been three years since the concept became a reality beginning with a branch in Stamford.
"When we launched this, we were sitting in a room with 20 or 30 items. Our current inventory is 12,000 items," said Sloyer.
The nonprofit also accepts donations of medical items that people no longer use.
"We're green. We have people that specialize in cleaning the equipment and repairing it and being lent out again," said Ana Lilienfeld, Board Member at Wheel It Forward.

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