Norwalk-based Priceline CEO says travel industry looking strong this summer

The CEO of Norwalk-based travel booking website says the travel industry is looking stronger this summer.
Brett Keller, Priceline CEO, says people have been going to the warmer destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, California and Arizona.
Keller says travel is really picking up to those destinations.
"Things have really come out of the COVID-19 wave here, we're seeing people going back to the big metro areas. Finally, we're starting to see people go to New York, Boston, DC," Keller says.
Keller says the downside is that airfares have come up a lot in the last couple of months.  
He says flights are now averaging 5-7% increase per a month as we head into the warm season.
Keller says the key is to always book early for travel.