Norwalk first responders give boat safety tips after multiple distress calls over the weekend

It was a busy weekend in Norwalk for first responders on the water. Firefighters say it started when a 48-foot boat sank in just 20 feet of water between Greens Ledge and Roton Point.
Norwalk police, fire officials and the Coast Guard rescued the two people on board. Officials say the passengers were picked up by another boat and that no one was hurt.
Lt. Scott Rywolt says last boating season was extra busy. He's expecting this one to be the same. He says new boat owners shouldn't head out on the water until they've given themselves a chance to learn the ropes.
Rywolt says it's crucial to keep your charts updated or use app-based digital charts so boaters know where it's safe to take their boat.
Norwalk police also picked up three people off Calf Pasture Beach Sunday, after their canoe capsized. Officials say if you're inexperienced a small craft shouldn't be taken lightly.
The people in the canoe were safe on shore before firefighters could respond. Police say no one was injured.