Norwalk girl who has cancer gets wish fulfilled

A 13-year-old Norwalk girl undergoing cancer treatment had a wish granted Saturday when she was taken on a shopping spree.
Mairza Yanes, who was diagnosed with cancer of the bones last September, was asked recently what wish she would like to see fulfilled. The Make-A-Wish Foundation soon set out to make it a reality.
Retailer Best Buy was asked to open its doors early Saturday to accommodate Yanes and her entourage. Yanes soon kicked off the spree by grabbing a plasma TV, iPod touch and digital camera.
?I feel ? really happy,? she says. ?I forget about all the stuff with the hospital.?
West Rocks Middle School teacher Chester Dawson says Yanes? outlook was much different a year ago when the cancer was diagnosed. ?Medically, spiritually, she had some very low points,? she says.
But Saturday proved to be cathartic for Yanes, who is undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. ?As she put it, she's getting her life back, that's what it's all about,? Dawson says. ?And I think today is a big step in getting her life back.?
And Yanes? grandparents, who live in Guatemala, were there to take it in.
?They are surprised that I'm getting all this stuff, like it's too much for me,? she says.