Norwalk liquor store makes rare bourbon available in exchange for winter clothes donations

The owner of a Norwalk liquor store is making some very rare bottles of bourbon available this Christmas, but if you want them - you'll need to donate some warm clothes.
"This is the first time we're doing this, and as you saw, the amount of support has been tremendous," says Beverage King owner Harsha Bethi.
Bethi says coats, blankets and shoes are on their way to the shelter at Open Doors.
Each item donated fetches a set number of raffle tickets printed up just for the occasion.
At the end of the drive, there will be a drawing and the 40 winners will be able to buy one rare bottle of bourbon and other whiskeys at retail price. In some cases, that can mean saving hundreds of dollars.
"So, we have a bottle of GTS in there, which is George T. Stagg, and we have it for $109.99 I believe. That bottle is usually, in a lot of stores or on the secondary market, fetches about $900," says Bethi.
Donated items will help dozens of families stay warm this winter.
Officials at Open Doors say this time of year, winter clothes can be the difference between life and death.
Bethi says he's pulled in more than $6,000 worth of donations from as far away as California.
"All of us, we're generous, we are good people. Sometimes we just need that fire underneath us to kind of be like, you know what? Let's go do something," said Bethi.
The drawing will be held live Sunday on Beverage King's Instagram.