Norwalk man undergoing chemotherapy displaced after fire rips through apartment

A Norwalk man undergoing chemotherapy says he has been displaced after a fire caused damage to his apartment.
The fire broke out on Friday night on France Street. Two apartments were damaged, and one dog was saved and is still recovering.
The man, known as Hap Hazzard, tells News 12 he was upstairs in his apartment asleep when he smelled smoke and escaped.
He says he knows a few things about survival and realized the fire originated from his downstairs neighbor's kitchen and tried to save the dog.
Both apartments have been deemed uninhabitable, all while Hap Hazzard undergoes several rounds of chemotherapy for bone cancer.
"It just turns everything upside down on you. You know, it's like someone just dropped a big, gigantic rock on you and you can't do what you can to climb around it and do what you can next," said Hap Hazzard.
He is doing what he can to stay positive during this time. His family has set up a GoFundMe campaign for him.
"Somehow, something better has got to come out of it," he said. "Maybe it's God's way of testing me to see how much he can put me to the limit, I don't know. It just makes you wonder."