Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling says Wegmans Norwalk proposal is a 'win, win'

Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling says Wegmans opening a store in the city will generate more jobs.
Rilling says the proposal for a Wegmans is a "win, win."
"It's going to help our economy, it's going to provide jobs for people, and we always welcome businesses in this town. I can imagine there'll be several hundred jobs that Wegmans will have open to people in our community." Rilling says,
The grocery store chain announced Tuesday its plans to open its first Connecticut location on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk.
The proposed 2-level store would be approximately 95,000-square feet and include a multi-level parking garage.
A timeline for construction and opening has not yet been determined, as the company is currently seeking municipal approvals for the project.