Norwalk officers accused of ignoring service calls, drinking appear in court

Two Norwalk officers accused of drinking and ignoring service calls while on duty faced a judge for the first time Wednesday.
Police say officers Michael Dimeglio and Sara Laudano were found at a hotel together when they were supposed to be on patrol. That led to an investigation and their arrests last month.
On Wednesday, Dimeglio, a veteran officer with the Norwalk Police Department, applied for a court rehabilitation program that could lead to his charges being dropped.
The attorney for Laudano told the judge his client will likely do the same.
Accelerated rehabilitation is a program for first-time offenders that allows them to avoid a guilty plea or trial and instead serve probation. If they do so without any criminal violations, the charges are dismissed.
Dimeglio and Laudano are accused of drinking at Donovan's in South Norwalk just before starting their shifts Oct.9.
Once on the clock, police say they drank more alcohol in the department's parking lot, where Laudano also took a hit of THC from a vape pen.
That evening, she allegedly continued to drink in the parking lot of High Ridge School, with Dimeglio and a friend joining her for part of the time.
Laudano is accused of spending four hours there and ignoring two calls for service.
Police say both officers later checked into the Even Hotel while still on the job for an overtime shift. When dispatch couldn't get ahold of Laudano, a supervisor tracked her down.
Police say the two were found in a room together, "not in a condition to respond to calls for service."
Dimeglio and Laudano are charged with reckless endangerment along with larceny for getting paid while allegedly not working.
Laudano faces an additional charge of risk of an injury to a child for allegedly drinking then driving with her baby in the patrol car.
Both defense attorneys had no comment Wednesday. The case returns to court May 24.
Both officers are suspended while an internal investigation continues.