Norwalk residents sift through belongings damaged by Ida's flooding

Norwalk home and car owners are still struggling to get a handle on the massive damages caused by last week's historic flooding.
In the wake of Tropical Storm Ida, residents still carting away destroyed valuables by the dumpster load.
They say if the city had taken a little action earlier, some of the damage might have been avoided.
"Excessive flooding, a lot of loss. Financial loss. Most of us around this area do not have flood insurance," says Janet Ienner, who has lived on Ponus Avenue for 54 years. "Nobody'll be the same in this area. The people down the street on a dry street lost two cars in their driveway."
While Ienner escaped Ida with only a few inches of basement water, she says her daughter down the street lost her entire basement.
"She's emptied one full dumpster so far, and have another one coming," Ienner adds. She says whenever it rains, the Ponus Avenue hill channels a ton of water with nowhere to go.
"Massive amounts of water that, at the other end of that road, goes into one pipe," Ienner says.
When Ida hit, she says the limited drainage left neighborhood roads to become rivers.
"We couldn't see the street. The water was up above that wall. It was masses of water," she says, and that's after the city completed a project to improve the drain situation last year.
"And the city has paid for people to come and improve the situation, public improvement was what it was called. However, I don't see any difference at all," Ienner adds.
The city of Norwalk asking residents to report their flood damage issues. You can do so by clicking on this link.