Norwalk restaurant's Thanksgiving milkshake benefits Food Rescue USA

A Norwalk restaurant has created a unique entrée that is also helping food insecure families this holiday season.
It's called the Plenty To Be Thankful For Milkshake - a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with all the fixings on top of a milkshake.
It's the brainchild of RHK Seafood owner and chef Ock Beyeon.
Some of the proceeds from the sale of Plenty To Be Thankful For Milkshakes is going to go to Food Rescue USA. One of Food Rescue USA's representatives from Fairfield County had a chance to taste it for herself.
"Wow, what goes through my head is how do I deconstruct it? How do I take it apart to eat it? That's the first thing that goes through my head. And then I want to reach for the chocolate, that's the next thing that goes through my head, is how do I peel off the chocolate?" said Harriet Flehinger.
The towering treat will be available for two weeks starting Saturday. Food Rescue says more than 42 million people nationwide do not know where their next meal is coming from.